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Hello Kendra! Thanks for your time today! You have a current single out titled ‘Silent Sleeper’. Can you share more about the song with us? Did you write it? 

Thanks so much for inviting me to interview with you today. “Silent Sleeper” is a melodic track. It is interesting in the way of having a nice vocal melody mixed with enchanting guitar riffs. I wrote the song about a time in my life where I felt guided back to ground by an angel figure. I mean this metaphorically, but I felt like I had been awoken in many regards. And so this track is dreamy and like strikingly clear through the haze…

Who are your greatest musical influences and why? 

Love this question. Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, Led Zep, Janis Joplin, Fiona Apple, Animal Collective, CCR, DJ Screw… to name a few. These artists are each appealing to me in the unique influences they draw on and how they synthesize together in my approach to music. They are each so good with a magnetic pull in their conveyance of the sound.

How did you first get into music? Do you remember the first song you wrote? 

I started in the theater. Lots of musical numbers, vocal lessons, and belting voices. Today, I think this is evident in my style of singing with the use of pronunciation and semblance of storytelling. I began songwriting as I started writing poetry in my early teens. I love to write poems. Many of them have now become songs. The wheels really hit the pavement when I started playing guitar though. Adding those elements together to create music and art. The first poem I wrote was “My Own, I’m Not There”. It is featured on my debut album as a spoken word track.

What genre of music do you consider your work to be? 

Folk Rock Americana with a psychedelic singer/songwriter edge

If you had to pick one artists to collaborate with dead or alive – who are you picking? 

Gwen Stefani. I have this one song called “A Series of Self”, and the lyrics are “I’m just a girl, and my intentions were good”. I often follow this song with a backbeat and partial cover of “Just a Girl” by No Doubt. It’s really grooving. It would be fun to have Gwen collab on a remake of the song for a performance or video.

Tell us where we can get your latest single and where to find you on IG.

You can find me on Spotify, Apple Music & all music platforms by bringing up “Kendra & the Bunnies”

YouTube, Music, and more here –

My website –

My Instagram is @Kenbunny

End of Interview

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