Dizzy Box Nine’s Faster Than Anticipation LP

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Though initially presented as a bitter stomp towards retrospection, the groove in “Near You,” one of the new songs on Dizzy Box Nine’s Faster Than Anticipation LP, is definitely as much a star of this show as the riffing is. Rhythm is pivotal to the catharsis found in this song, “Phone Bill,” “For You” and the triumphant “This Is All For You,” all of which could be described as the backbone of Faster Than Anticipation. In short, Dizzy Box Nine aren’t messing around with the trite games a lot of other pop/rockers are interested in playing with right now – they’re going full-power in this record, and giving us their most mature look yet.

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Beyond the previously mentioned beats, the overall melodic substance of songs like “Friday Night,” “If This Is Real,” “Let’s Go Skating” and “Little By Little” is difficult for any group or artist to top – Dizzy Box Nine included. I liked what I heard in Pop Fantasy, but this LP just feels more complete and unreserved, as though the band is finally laying out the foundational bullet points of who they want to be inside of fourteen deliciously flamboyant rock songs. It’s freeing and unrestrained, both of which are positive qualities (especially next to the drab environment created by recent mainstream pop output).

I would have started the tracklist off with “Let’s Go Skating” and “This Is All For You” rather than “If This Is Real” and “The Sun Same Out The Other Day,” but aside from this one alternation, there’s nothing that I would change about the flow of these songs. By and large Dizzy Box Nine did a really good job of structuring this record as to make it awfully difficult to hit the pause button once you’ve started off with any of these fourteen tracks, and that’s just not the case with the majority of new rock LPs landing in my inbox this month.

There’s not really much of a bass presence to this record, including heavier tunes like “Near You,” “Friday Night,” “OK, OK” and “Sometimes I Feel Like This,” but in my estimation, Dizzy Box Nine didn’t really need it with the amount of emphasis they put on their grooving from the get-go here. They’re all about swing in Faster Than Anticipation, and even without a murky bottom-end, they manage to dispense as much sonic weight as some of the poppier metal bands trending in the American underground this year.

A slightly more cosmopolitan look than what Pop Fantasy had suggested them capable of wearing, I believe that Dizzy Box Nine have successfully raised the bar for both themselves and the scene that gave them life in the first place with the release of Faster Than Anticipation this July. Keeping a whirlwind career like that fresh is no easy feat, but somehow, someway, Dizzy Box Nine are doing just that in their most recent batch of studio recordings, all of which belong on the speakers of anyone who digs quality indie rock this summer.

Emily Knudsen

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