“Boom – Love Version” the new single from HeIsTheArtist

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A piano paints a boldly colorful portrait of romance and reticent heartbeats unsure of what’s about to come next as we listen in on the first few bars of “Boom – Love Version,” the new single from HeIsTheArtist. Unlike the other two cuts of “Boom” found on the Haiku EP, “Boom – Love Version” is purely about sonic seduction, enticing us closer with its soulful melodies only to crush us with its sensitive poeticisms, the best of which suggest a faith in God that is hard to find in contemporary R&B anymore.

HeIsTheArtist is an incredibly gifted vocalist, and in this track, he’s giving us an up close and personal look into his artistry without subjecting anyone to the sort of self-centeredness that frequently accompanies a vulnerable pop composition. He’s got a one of a kind sound, and among the Christian artists that I’ve reviewed in the last year, he’s definitely got a certain sincerity to his delivery that tells me he’s more than just a skillful singer – he’s someone who is genuinely invested in his content, which is more than I can say for some of the biggest chart-toppers in the game these days.

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The rhythm here has a profoundly even flow, and there’s never an instance where it sounds as though HeIsTheArtist is rushing through his lyrics (nor the backing band hurrying through the harmonies they’re being tasked with upholding, and, contributing to in some fashion or another). Everything is well-timed and synchronized, but I’d stop short of describing “Boom – Love Version” as being somehow robotic or lacking in natural vitality. The vocal is complemented by the keyboard parts here perfectly, and because of the positions in which they’re placed in the master mix, they’re able to draw color from one another in a way that wouldn’t have been possible in a more streamlined, conventional mix. As much as I like the lyrical substance of “Boom – Love Version,” there’s just as much to be said about the heart HeIsTheArtist puts into every word he sings. I can imagine this being all the more powerful in a live setting, and with increased demand for soul singers in 2020, I might get to find out for myself sooner than later.

APPLE MUSIC: https://music.apple.com/ca/artist/heistheartist/1453350705

Those who like a good slow jam with a positive message just can’t go wrong with HeIsTheArtist’s “Boom – Love Version” this July, and whether you’re a Christian or not, its high caliber beats are guaranteed to stoke a reaction from you. Despite the increased divide between people of different religions, races and creeds, there’s something special about music like this that keeps us tied together, even in the most repellant of situations.

“Boom – Love Version” doesn’t rewrite the book on Christian/soul crossover music, but if you’re in the mood for something that doesn’t borrow as much from the mainstream as it does from within the heart of its composer, you aren’t likely to find another single quite like this one before the year is over. Simply put, HeIsTheArtist is definitely an artist to watch.

Emily Knudsen

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