“Got ‘Em Throwin’ Dollars” by Amir Beats

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Houston’s Amir Beats has a new single out called “Got ‘Em Throwin’ Dollars” and it’s more than fun that one person can handle. Tightly wound like a spinning top, when the beats unleash and his super-charged raps let loose, the listener is left keeping their hands in the air. Appealing to the inner partier in all of us, “Got ‘Em” gets ‘em.

Amusing and arousing, “Got ‘Em” is sensational and has just the right amount of smirk to make cheeky. You can look but you cannot touch, Beats raps. His voice could also easily be a pop star. I could totally see him pivoting into the pop world. He doesn’t sing in this song, but he rap voice is stylishly stealth. He almost croons when he raps. This song is about a woman who wants a man to prove his love by buying her things – including houses, purses and all the best fashion lines. It’s like a warning label, but by the end of the song, it might also be a trophy.

Beats, a University of Houston graduate in social sciences, runs his own label called Pype Dreams Entertainment. He’s also lived in Jersey City, New Jersey and releases songs like “Holla At Me” and “Make You Proud”. “Got ‘Em” is one of those songs that just screams attention getter at a party or club. The overall vibe is a riot. It’s got pristine rhythms that evolve into ripping roars, along with beats dropped only to cling for life at the very last second. The swing happening in “Got ‘Em” is due to both Beats’ sexy voice and the ding, ding, ding sound plowing through the bass lines. It’s a constant circular motion. It’s a hotbed of bumps and grinds. The movement in the song can’t be taught – Beats’ instincts should be heavily rewarded. You just keep hearing new sounds and scribbles that uniquely hit you each time you listen to this track.

“Got ‘Em” has this carefree attitude, but Beats’ flow style isn’t necessarily free style. I think he came up with the lyrics pretty quickly, and the overall production value is tops, but he’s not the same one-two, one-two that you hear in say Eminem. He also doesn’t have little digs like Marshall Mathers. I think the hardest Beats hits in “Got ‘Em” is twerk, twerk, twerk (repeated several times) at the song’s end. If this song is just a tease for what’s on the horizon for Amir Beats, it will be interested to see where his skills take him to next. I gotta hand it to the guy, he’s written a pretty decent rap song. It might not have the same social conscience or politically charged stories some audiences are yearning to hear, but his work is more than able to stand on that level. I think he knows how to entertain people, and perhaps this is way to open the door and further discussion. Either way, he’s an exciting artist to keep on your radar and consideration.

Emily Knudsen

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