Bryson DeChambeau Bulked Up to Boom Long Drives

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Golf was one of the first big-time pro sports to return during the coronavirus era, and the inescapable post-quarantine story was Bryson DeChambeau. Specifically, his body: Looking a little bit more like a linebacker than a PGA Tour pro, the 26-year-old was suddenly hitting the absolute bejeezus out of the ball, taking preposterous angles and shaving strokes by hitting long. “Bryson DeChambeau is Breaking Golf” declared one New York Post headline

It wasn’t all a quarantine transformation: DeChambeau, currently 7th in the PGA Tour standings, has spent a better part of the past year making gains, adding 20 pounds before the virus pause. But then he used lockdown to add 20 more.

There’s more to golf than just hitting it far, of course, but the Puma-sponsored athlete put the pieces together to win the Rocket Mortgage Classic earlier this month, and he’s considered a top favorite for the stacked run of big tournaments that have been rescheduled to the late summer and fall, including both the U.S. Open and the Masters.  

So DeChambeau is hungry for some big wins in this unconventional season. But he’s also hungry, period. In a recent interview with GQ, DeChambeau discussed his 2,000-calorie breakfasts, impressive protein shake intake, and his indifference to both vegetables and days off from the gym.

GQ: Talk to me about what the beginning of your day looks like.

Bryson DeChambeau: I usually wake up between 8 and 10 a.m. and I’ll get a pretty healthy breakfast. When I’m up depends on if I’m working out later at night. I’ll have four to five eggs with five or six pieces of bacon or sausage. I’ll also have two pieces of toast or a bagel with cream cheese, maybe some grape jelly. It depends on the day, about what I feel like. Then, I’ll have two Orgain protein shakes. The shakes are pre-made, so nothing else in there besides what comes in the bottle. I think they’ve got about 250 calories in each bottle. I don’t do any supplements. It’s really just these protein shakes and natural food.

That’s a pretty good philosophy.

Yeah, I don’t really calorie count or anything. I would assume that’s around 2000 calories. Right after that, if it’s my off week, I’ll do a light practice and go to the course for a couple hours. I’ll practice some speed training with my golf swing, trying to get it up as fast as I possibly can. Then, after that I go train, implementing the things I’ve learned from Greg Rospkoff. He’s a MAT [muscle activation techniques] specialist. He’s taught me a lot about how to take care of the body. I’d normally go see him, but he’s in Denver, and that’s not much of an option right now. But, he’s given me the knowledge to be able to Band-Aid myself as much as possible when things aren’t going the right way. It’s all training. No physical therapy. It’s all isolating the muscles as possible and training each muscle to function to its highest potential.

What’s a typical week of training look like?

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