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A Molotov cocktail of melodies awaits all who take a peek at King Falcon’s new music video for “Shake! Shake! Shake!” this July, and believe it or not, none of them are sourced from the software other artists are using to make rock, pop, hip-hop and even jazz in 2020. It’s obvious in “Shake! Shake! Shake!” that King Falcon don’t care about those kind of fluffy elements at all – they’re intent on reviving true garage rock grit here, and they aren’t willing to slow their roll simply because some mainstream conglomerates would prefer it that way. In this song, we’ve got guitar, drums and vocals colliding into each other at a staggered, deliberate pace. The melodic ribbonry is coarse, while the ferocity of the backend – represented here by the percussion alone – is even stronger than the vocal is in a couple of spots. There is no time to explain the details to us or weave together a web of poeticisms behind the mic; these men are on a mission, and it involves us engaging in their musicality without having to sort through the same excesses we would with another act’s output.


The guitars here have a surreally bluesy feel, but I wouldn’t call “Shake! Shake! Shake!” a flat-out blues-rocker. The beat in this song invites a lot of tension into the lyrical delivery, but our vocalist doesn’t waste the opportunity to utilize this to his advantage. Instead of trying to straddle the rhythm with his words alone, the very execution he’s employing for the verses contributes to the collective groove of the instrumentation.

I’ve been saying that efficiency is the name of the game this year for the past couple of months, and with the advent of a band like King Falcon, it’s hard to argue against my theory. They’re checking off all of the simplistic songcraft boxes without drifting over to the overly-hyped minimalist camp, and if you ask me, that’s an awfully hard task to take on (especially for a duo as young and newly-minted as this one is). There’s more live potential in a track like this than there is something more elaborate and synthy, and even if gigs aren’t being booked this summer, a release of this caliber still builds up credibility.

If this debut is indicative of who King Falcon want to be as a rock band, they’re going to be seeing a lot of success over the next few years almost purely because of their originality and interest in keeping aesthetics on the simpler side of the spectrum. “Shake! Shake! Shake!” has a compositional discipline that has been absent from rock for the last half-decade at least, and while this is what solidifies its status as an indie effort, it’s also what launches King Falcon into the conversation of mainstream crossover capabilities.

The time to save rock from itself is now, and with acts like this pair coming out of the woodwork in droves this summer, I feel good about the genre’s imminent future for sure.

Emily Knudsen

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