Things We Saw Today: Honest Trailer for 2020 (Feat. Patton Oswalt) Ushers Out Our Hell Year

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“From the world that brought you 1918, 1347, and Woodstock ’99, comes the year we can’t wait to close the book on.” Welcome to the Honest Trailer for our year of maddening chaos, 2020.

Do you all remember the relative innocence and fun of the first few months of 2020? I feel like all I did was watch The Witcher and have nice thoughts about Henry Cavill. This was the same stretch of time that the much-ridiculed Sonic the Hedgehog movie came out and turned out to be pretty fun! Everything was looking up. But then: “After two months of blissful, hedgehog-fueled ignorance, a hot new virus dropped.”

“Tune in to this live-action adaptation of the book of Revelation, complete with fire, famines, plagues, and other signs of the end times, featuring lockdowns that have lasted so long we’ve run out of post-apocalyptic movies to compare it to. This year sucked, you guys.”

Herein emerges Honest Trailers special guest voice star Patton Oswalt: “This year sucks? That’s all the ammo you have for this Lovecraftian hellf*ck we’re in?” Then he gives us an extremely apt, obscene analogy about Endgame to explain this year. Oswalt then trades off with Honest Trailers’ Epic Voice Guy, Jon Bailey, to deliver this year’s-end extremely honest trailer.

“Cancel your plans, because you’re not going anywhere. And now, with HBO treating theaters like Lenny at the end of Of Mice and Men, the new home of entertainment is … YOUR HOME! And the new home of work is … YOUR HOME! And the new home of school is … YOUR HOME! And the new home of your home is out on the street because how the f*ck am I supposed to pay rent when everything is shut down?”

This is indeed a hellf*ck of a year that we’ve made it through and, happily, are about to bid goodbye to. Good riddance, 2020.

(via Honest Trailers)

It’s New Year’s Eve, which means it’s almost time to see what a brand new year holds. Should we even bother making resolutions this time around? In lieu of resolutions, what did you see today?

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