“Hold On Me” by Nathan Harrington

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“Hold On Me” is the newest single from Los Angeles based, Singer/Songwriter and Reggae enthusiast, Nathan Harrington. Harrington is categorized as a Reggae artist, but in all honesty, there’s a bit more to him than that. He looks like a guitar playing, surfer, with depth. At 21, he appears much more masculine than you would expect, for his age, and his eyes indicate an inherited wisdom. His attributes are implemented into his music, and as a result we see glimpses of what is to come.

Nathan claims he knew his life path, at around the age of 12, and never really looked back. He cites, Bob Marley, The Police, and Fishbone as influences. His love of Reggae seems to be an organic development, as very little is documented about his early life. As evident with “Hold On Me,” Harrington has effectively channeled his love of Reggae into a highly marketable style that should serve his aspirations well, going forward. He’s still finding his voice, so to speak, but he’s closer than most, at this stage of his career.

With a song like “Hold On Me,” some Jason Mraz comparisons are going to be inevitable. It’s probably the first observation you’re going to make, upon hearing it. After the initial listen, you’ll hear more Nathan Harrington, though you still get the sense we’re only hearing a modicum of what he is capable of. That’s kind of the idea with a single like “Hold On Me,” though the track as a whole, holds much potential. If Harrington chooses to embrace Reggae, fully, then he would probably become less focused on strictly achieving commercial success, if that’s his objective, at all.

“Hold On Me,” is essentially a young love song. Harrington’s lyrics, which are actually quite good, come across as a note, written during class. The romance is palpable, and Harrington sounds truly smitten. Refreshingly, “Hold On Me,” doesn’t attempt to be anything deeper than it is, and somehow allows Nathan to shine even brighter. It could be that he is such a low key and laid back individual, that even his attitude towards passion is seemingly casual. It’s never really hinted at, but there is a looming element of inevitable heartbreak surrounding the song.

Well I don’t have much money/no fancy car/but I got a heart that can take us far/if you want it girl/it’s yours. You’d have to be quite icy, not to be melted by a line like that, and even then, it’s probably just a matter of time. There’s something so poignant and literal about that lyric. In a way, “Hold On Me” is as much about life as it is about love. It’s that feeling of being unequipped and uninformed, with an abundance of energy to spare.

I-HEART RADIO: https://www.iheart.com/artist/nathan-harrington-31008349/songs/hold-on-me-128624712/?autoplay=true

Nathan Harrington has emerged with one of his most radio ready singles, yet. I’d truly be shocked if this one doesn’t pop up on Billboard in the near future. Harrington continues to pontificate himself as a Reggae artist, but this is about as Pop as it gets. Regardless, great songs are great songs, and there is little to be critical of on a track like “Hold On Me.” Harrington may soon be graced with the world’s attention, thanks to efforts like this.

Emily Knudsen

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