Dynamyte – “I Don’t Like You” (SINGLE)

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Modern pop music might have it easiest when it comes to deriving a honed sound from a variety of influences. The goldmine of potentially all sounds and aesthetics can weave through pop hits in ways other genres aren’t able to tap into without leaving their base genres behind. It’s an incredible testament to pop music’s versatility, but with the ability to craft songs out of a seemingly endless supply of bands and artists that have come before also comes the dire possibility of becoming simply another derivative act. This poses as a real, true threat against pop stars of today, maybe one of the most venomous, yet on the flip side of this threat comes to an engaging premise — the world is your musical oyster, and tracking current trends can more than set you up for what is still to come from the pop music of tomorrow. Retreading trends already in the main public focus can only weaken your work, and this feels like something pop prodigy (popdigy?) Dynamyte is fully aware of. That’s why she’s choosing to blaze a trail all her own, lighting the way for those that will follow her.

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Coming out of a childhood focused on stardom at a level that required performing as the opening act for monumental names at the caliber of Ariana Grande could easily put one out of work early on, peaking early and being burnt out by the flame. In Dynamyte’s case, however, it only further stoked the creative fire and propelled her to chase the dream that much harder. After retiring out of functioning as one-half of a pop duo with her brother, Dynamyte has since graduated from college with a degree in sociology, all while furthering her reach as a solo pop act with a select handful of singles released over the last year.

Dynamyte’s latest declaration of individuality comes under the title “I Don’t Like You,” and if the title feels standoffish, don’t worry — the song itself is an inviting and contagious pop track that just happens to also work as a gleeful middle finger to someone who made the mistake of doing Dynamyte dirty. The track juggles rhythm and blues and soul, bubblegum pop, and even a tiny undertone of doo-wop and oldies within its harmonies. The deft navigation between genres and influences is as hearty and fulfilling as a musical seven-layer dip. The ingredients all feel entirely true to Dynamyte’s trajectory as a pop act and never lose sight of the core genre of pop that she’s flaunting; still, it’s easy to see pop being an afterthought or minor focus within Dynamyte’s overall career arc as she has cited Amy Winehouse as a major influence and wants to continue down the road that Winehouse began to pave.

The concept of Dynamyte further tinkering with the polished sound she’s already made is extremely promising, and a musician unafraid of dabbling in pop with a background in sociology will certainly make for some incredible hit songs. Be sure to give “I Don’t Like You” a listen when it’s available, and keep an eye on Dynamyte before she blows up.

Emily Knudsen

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