The Very Talented Sam Green & His Time Machine

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Sam Green has been a vital force in the Australian music world for decades and hasn’t lost any velocity off his fast ball as the 21st century rolls on. Green isn’t a technological neophyte and has made intelligent use of the growing popular of music platforms for disseminating his recordings. Spotify, the acknowledged leader of such mediums, has several of Green’s releases available extending back to 2013’s Players All We Be. Two cuts from that album that are among Green’s most popular Spotify selections. “Angel of the Morning” has a wonderfully relaxed vocal that partners well with the light percussion, but the keyboards and piano present throughout gives it the most artful touch.

“Have the Seasons Changed?” is the second number attracting notice from Spotify users. It is a barometer of its quality that an acapella track can garner widespread appeal today and the basis for its allure is clear. Green has hit upon a five star vocal melody for the track and its lyrics are among his best. “I Work” returns to the percolating drums heard during “Angel of the Morning” but the pace is a little more frantic than the earlier song and it’s another example of his talents for conceiving powerful vocal melodies.

“For the Ocean” has earned the approval of many Spotify listeners. This track from 2013’s I Think It’s About Time begins with a skeletal musical foundation, guitar alone, before attaching other instruments to the arrangement. The woodwind presence in “For the Ocean” lightens the track’s touch and its message is unmistakable. “I Think It’s About Time” is cut in the same mold as that song and its smooth pacing carries listeners along with minimal effort. It highlights another auspicious aspect of his talent – Green’s songwriting aesthetic always keeps his work reined in rather than self-indulgent. The song is less than three minutes long and breezes by.


“Don’t Do Drugs” isn’t coy about his attitude towards mind-altering substances. The fifth track from 2017’s release Love, Love, Love may sound heavy-handed to some, but its musical strengths are ample. The vocal arrangement, however, misses the mark some and reduces the chorus’ potential wallop to more of a glancing blow. He calls upon his sensitivity once again to great effect on another Love, Love, Love track entitled “If a Rose”. His poetic sensibilities are undeniable here, but how he synthesizes them with his musical designs is impressive. It’s another track, as well, cut to an ideal \length of four minutes. There’s no dross on these songs, no unnecessary side trips.

Sam Green and the Time Machine continue providing a ray of hope in an often dim modern music world. Many messages emerge over the course of Green’s discography, but an abiding understated theme throughout these songs is his singular devotion to creativity. You can tell Sam Green loves to write and play music, he loves to pen song lyrics, and his voice communicates the boundless joy he’s derived from self-expression. It’s worth your time to plunge into his work and discover the extent of his talents.

Emily Knudsen

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