“Instant Sex” from Rob Alexander

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Though it’s worth pointing out that he’s given us just as sexy a lead in other singles before the release of this latest piece, what Rob Alexander puts down in the track “Instant Sex” from his new album Dream out Loud is unquestionably some of his best work ever. “Instant Sex” is what it sounds like – hot, sweaty, rhythm-based fun from a pop musician who has spent a lot of time learning how to perfect a classic rock model desperate for a modern touch, and even if you’ve never heard his music prior, there’s bound to be something you’re going to like not only about what this track is made of but moreover what it says about the creator who breathed life into it in the first place.

“Instant Sex” is a groove anthem if I’ve ever heard one before, but it actually doesn’t have the most intense percussion of any song you’re going to hear from an independent artist this season. When he’s hitting into the chorus, Alexander surprisingly has the edge of the instrumentation, with the drums circling his words rather reticently and conveying a sense of hesitation reminiscent of what a wallflower might possess on an otherwise exciting Saturday night. The symbolism doesn’t require a post-graduate education to understand, appreciate and, inevitably, relate to, but instead is presented with as much clarity as the beats are. This kind of uncomplicated attitude isn’t heard often enough in modern pop music, and I doubt I’d be the only critic to say so.

This mix allows for some of the elements in the instrumentation to sound a little concealed – at least in the first act of “Instant Sex” – only to let each sharp melodic detail find a revealing moment when it benefits the tone of the lyrics. Everything here is meant to support the poetic bend of the verses, and judging from the style of his performance (and his overall linguistics) I think that words likely came before the music did in the creation of this single. Either way, it’s good listening, but if what I think is true, it says all the more about what Alexander can get inspired by, and what that in turn can forge without his interference or that of any party in the studio.

While there are a lot of listeners who are abuzz with complicated entries in the pop charts at the moment, there needs to be more discussion had about the absolute explosiveness of what Rob Alexander has been working on in the past year. Dream out Loud is a breakthrough album for his camp, and for how I would break down the tracklist, “Instant Sex” is probably the ultimate sample of what makes the record so impossibly addictive, regardless of your interest in the pop genre. Alexander blew my mind with the compositional maturity of this piece, and if he was ever looking for validation from the music media, I think he’s going to get it in the wake of this single’s release.

Emily Knudsen

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