Dorian Paul’s New Single “Shake It Around”

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Fun and rambunctious from the start, it takes less than ten seconds after hitting the play button to realize that Dorian Paul’s new single “Shake It Around” has one of the sweeter rhythms you’re going to hear in an indie track this spring. There’s something so intoxicating about the groove we first meet at the onset of this track that it’s difficult to understand why Paul hasn’t found more success on the mainstream level than he has thus far in his long and storied career, but at the same time, it’s easy to understand why someone as devoted to true music-making over artificiality would be left out of the establishment’s scene. He’s breaking off this jam like it’s second nature, and to me, his efforts are worthy of a lot of praise.


While the beats in this song are very enamoring no matter which angle we’re analyzing them from, I don’t think it would be fair to say that they’re the only feature of note between the starting point and the finish line here. “Shake It Around,” as its title would have us believe in the first place, is a track that wants to get us moving in synchronicity with Dorian Paul right out of the gate, but were it not for his melodic direction of the lyrics (and the harmonies that frame them so soulfully in this mix), I don’t know that we’d be as inclined to join in with the sway of the instruments as we are in this specific scenario.

It should be said that most of the non-vocal components in “Shake It Around” are grossly oversized for what was actually required in this kind of composition, but I don’t think their presence is an example of negative overindulgence in action. On the contrary, I think their grandiosity stands to serve the purpose of demonstrating just how much power Paul’s singing really contributes to the big picture, despite even the heaviest of competitors to contend with. He never sounds overwhelmed by any of his surroundings in this piece, but instead like the leading man most of his loyal fans have come to know and respect in this regard – no matter what the tempo, tone, or stylization of the material he’s releasing happens to be.


If you came into this new single from Dorian Paul expecting a lot out of the man and the music he makes for a living, I can tell you right now that you aren’t going to be disappointed by what he’s concocted for the world in “Shake It Around.” One-part homage to the old school and another-part brilliant hybrid of gospel and contemporary R&B aesthetics, this freewheeling pop jam isn’t a song that you’re going to have to think twice about after hearing it for the very first time; it’s a lively, energetic work that drives home its narrative in no uncertain terms. There isn’t enough of that in popular music today, but for Paul’s output, it pretty much tends to come standard.

Emily Knudsen

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