Pop Duo Lavendine – “Open Up A Window”

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“I opened up a window in this heart of mine to see what’s going on outside / I never dreamed I would be so surprised.” Thus appropriately opens up sister-duo Lavendine’s return to pop music in the form of the ballad “Open Up A Window” after a much-needed break from music production. Like a breath of fresh air or a cool breeze blew in from outside on a hot day, there couldn’t possibly be a better way for the Ayers sisters to announce their musical homecoming than with this beautifully uplifting song that has seemingly arrived just in time for a grieving world.

WEBSITE: https://lavendineband.com/

Lavendine is an Oklahoma-based duo that is made up of sisters Jana and Jacy Ayers, and while their lyrics feature a faith-based approach, make no mistakes about the song being a pop ballad first and foremost. Above all else, the song also serves as a way to claim a successful win over a traumatic series of maladies that affected both sisters in deep ways, with setbacks coming in the forms of severe allergic reactions, debilitating migraines related to a tumor, an ectopic pregnancy, and ten different surgeries. To say that Lavendine has had their fair share of trauma would be putting it lightly, but the response to that trauma has been defiant and bold, and both Jana and Jacy aren’t allowing it to dictate their life story.

“Open Up A Window” serves as a fantastic reaction to the past years of pain that the band has endured. Jacy has said “With ‘Open Up a Window’, there’s an underlying message of hope in our music and we want to give listeners the sense that things may look bleak, but they will get better. Bishop T.D. Jakes has talked about the trap of getting caught up in the hateful middle of a difficult circumstance and not seeing that God can open us up to the end so that we can step into the promise. We don’t always hear people talking about the hope part of it. But Jana and I have kept moving forward and those underlying themes of perseverance come out in our writing.” The concept of strength through persevering serves as the core of the new single, through and through, and it’s safe to say that the sisters have reclaimed their narrative through it.

APPLE MUSIC: https://music.apple.com/us/album/open-up-a-window-single/1556799277?i=1556799294&ign-gact=3&ls=1

The song arriving amid a chaotic time for everyone only feels all that more appropriate, working as a universal response to 2020’s pandemic as much as it can be a response to the sisters’ struggles. “Open Up A Window” further flexes Lavendine’s core talents of working as secular music as much as it is an anthem that could be truly faith-based. The band has compared the songwriting process to that of being vessels under God’s command, and it’s with complete certainty that this process has worked for them to an incredible degree. Lavendine knows better than most that the future is truly uncertain, but the things within Lavendine’s control will certainly be something worth watching.

Emily Knudsen

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