Florida Based Rapper DICI Drops New Single-Video

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It’s always a risky decree to refer to someone as one of the most unique in their field. In the case of Rapper, Dici, such a distinction is hard to argue. It’s funny, Dici almost seems like a character, straight from the pages of a Hollywood screenplay.  He was born in Milan, and currently resides in Miami. Along the way, he found himself in Japan, learning the language and matriculating in Tokyo.

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The most jaw dropping aspect of Dici’s profile, is that he is barely, 18. That’s right, one of the most expressive, irreverent, and unorthodox personalities in Hip Hop, today, just recently graduated High School. To listen to Dici speak, he basically just sounds like a typical teenager. The more you hear him, though, the more it seems as if there’s something more profound, lurking behind his eyes. With his long, cascading brown hair, olive complexion, and soft features, Dici looks like a male model, but Raps like a gruff sailor.

His new single, “Five Rings,” is from his forthcoming album, Doses. This effort is something of a reemergence for Dici, as he had taken a break from his career, to focus on finishing school. As a result, you will notice that “Five Rings,” stands out as being much different than Dici’s previous material. It seems as if he experienced growth and expanded consciousness, during his voluntary sabbatical. On “Five Rings,” we hear Dici make a concerted effort to focus on melody, rather than phrasing and in some cases, shock value. Occasionally, Dici’s youthful folly seem to be something he felt important to be represented in his work.

The track is well layered enough, but it unfortunately comes across as a bit more of an obvious home recording. On Dici’s previous recordings, he was less ambitious with overdubs, and layered sections, therefore a more straightforward approach, disguised any audio discrepancies. On “Five Rings,” the verses sound as good as ever, with Dici flaunting his dexterity, and charisma. It’s the chorus, that gets a little blurry sounding though. It could simply be a case of adjusting the volumes, but it is noticeable.

Lyrically, Dici is his usual boastful self, but he uses much less profanity, and sexual innuendo. I train and I work/and sometimes it hurts/sometimes it feels like my brain/it might burst. It’s good to hear Dici exploring more universal themes, on this record. He seems more emotionally invested here, as well as being willing to embrace his vulnerabilities. It’s as if we can hear him maturing, as the record progresses.

While this might not go on to be the definitive Dici track, it is a pivotal one. It marks a shift from his early, more self-centered work, to a slightly more relatable tone. Dici is a featured attraction, all his own, and if he continues to spotlight and cultivate his more inimitable traits, he can make a run for greatness. As for now, Dici continues to charge forward as a songwriter and producer, whose primary muse is himself. It’s lonely at the top, so it bodes well for Dici that he seems to enjoy his own company.

by Mark Ryan, posted by Emily Knudesn

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