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They just don’t make them like Atlanta based Hard Rock outfit, Pistols At Dawn, anymore. These cats are young, focused, hungry, and talented. Their sound is unapologetically rock, in an industry that seems to have forgotten the genre, even existed.  A blistering guitar assault, soaring and powerful vocals, and it’s all anchored by a thunderous rhythm section. Pistols At Dawn are oblivious to the underrepresentation of their style, or they simply don’t care.

Their newest single, “Crown” is the second to emerge from their EP, Nocturnal Youth.  The previous, “Voices,” was pitch perfect nu-metal, with modern rock seasoning. “Crown” is in the same vein, of course, but it honestly seems heavier and angrier. Whereas “Voices” was a defense mechanism, “Crown,” defiantly goes on the offensive. It has no patience for indulgence, either, as the track barely cracks 3 minutes.

URL: https://www.pistolsatdawnband.com/

The video for “Crown,” sees the band in a somewhat stereotypical setting, which is almost certainly meant to be ironic. One of the many things to like about Pistols At Dawn, is that they actually have something to say. In the video, we see gold painted, models who are motionless throughout. It hints at the superficiality that is often inaccurately associated with the rock and roll lifestyle. The cinematography is bleak and grey, and gives the video and band a grimmer feel.

Some men will not/will not survive. It’s said that victory is sometimes gained by simply surviving the power struggles of others. With “Crown,” the song’s narrator makes it clear that they will bow to no one, especially a self-appointed proletariat. The theme running throughout, Nocturnal Youth, is that of boldness and an unwillingness to compromise in order to conform. Music has been missing this sense of outlaw for some time.

At four songs, Nocturnal Youth seems to be merely a sample platter, for what Pistols At Dawn is capable of. It’s worth noting that the band’s Lead Singer, was a finalist on Rockstar Supernova. Pistols At Dawn sound is deftly defined by their two guitar set up, and the powerhouse vocals. However, in any great band, the rhythm section is the most crucial element. The drummer and bassist of Pistols At Dawn, bring the heavy groove in a big and emphatic way.

Personally speaking, “Now Is The Time” is the high point of the EP. The song itself, follows a simple template, but it really kicks your adrenaline up a notch or two, instantly. With delicious power chords and flawless vocal work, “Now Is The Time” is the kind of song that could pave the way to PAD, becoming a household name. Overall, the effort here by Pistols At Dawn is destined  to accelerate there already pulsating momentum. They have outperformed their greatest competition, every time they have stepped up to do so, and that is themselves. Pistols At Dawn is doing their part to reclaim Hard Rock’s throne, one crown at a time.

Emily Knudsen

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