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This might be a very niche and Millennial thing to say, but if you’re looking for a song to send to your annoying ex who hurt you, might I suggest the catchy and effective “You Always” from singer/songwriter Calvyn Cass. The Canadian-based act was been consistently delivering some bass-filled emotional hits for a few years now and this release slots nicely into his discography. Cass has stated that he “wants to represent the people who stand in the shadows too afraid to be seen”, and his knowledge as an outsider translates perfectly into his music.

Trust is a large thing for any person, but when you’re someone who’s been through a lot in a battle of acceptance, both from others and himself, it resonates deeply on this track. It’s the kind of song that you’ll bob your head along to, but when you slow down and really slowly slice into the lyrics, it hits hard. I can see a lot of people hearing this song, but even more actually listening. Cass pours his heart and soul into his voice, and even when it stumbles slightly when it hits the highs, there’s nothing else like it. I can only imagine what kind of a show he puts on because based solely on the music that he crafts it feels like something larger than life, even when it feels dark and distant in a way. I think we’ve all had an ex that truly hurt us in a way that a casual fling could never do. Breakup songs that cover that topic are a dime a dozen, and to me what makes something like this stand out in such an oversaturated market, is all in Cass’s performance.

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It’s glam and glitz and glitter, and smeared makeup and hate and sadness, but also love. It’s a middle finger to the heartbreakers of the world and an invitation to the ones who want love and solace. Going back to those feelings of being an outsider, that’s how you end up crafting some of the most tenderness in music, coming from such a real place. Sometimes the song can be a tad broad in the strokes it applies with the arsenal of lost love. I would really like to see in future releases, Cass diving really deep into his heart of experiences because I can just feel that he’s got more than 5 albums worth of experience to share with us. I think part of that broadness might be because of the genre with which he’s working.

Pop is something that’s flexible and always changing as more indie and intimate sensibilities come in. It’s no longer just a product, but EDM is at a crossroads. It wants to change with the times and it wants to cut deeper, and I think with continued trial and error it’ll get there and I wanna see Cass at the head of the pack leading a musical revolution with all of his skills. “Expect the most,” Cass says, and I believe it.

Emily Knudsen

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