“Trouble” by Ashley Suppa

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“Trouble” is the new instant-hit from NYC’s Ashley Suppa. A master behind the computer and finding the Protools to create a sheen that fits both into the modern music world and throw-back to the creative juices of the late 90s, “Trouble” is  unapologetically Suppa. At just 18, she’s caressing together sonic waves that sound like lightyears ahead of the game. She might feel like she’s in over her head, but for listeners that dive into “Trouble” it’s worth immersing yourself into the fierce beats and catchy tones. Spoiler alert: “Trouble” is one of the 2021’s most impressive yet.

The exhilaration of the music bed, a rousing rouge of electronic pulses, click drums and a killer guitar riff is the ideal backdrop for Suppa’s vocals. She has a higher pitch, and at times, much like a teenager, she drifts off into a dreamy vocal. I liked the flavor of the song, the way her voice varies. I felt like her voice carries quite a deal of depth. She’s young, so the natural path is to think that she’s lofty and inexperienced. Still, behind her voice, there lies an artist who seems to be having the same inner-thoughts as the rest of us (at any age). Even when she sings of being low and not good enough, that she’s trouble to her relationship, the inner psyche in me felt a strong connection. These lyrics are so simple, yet so true. She doesn’t over sing or burden the listener with a bunch of gobbledygook. She’s slick and approachable. I loved her optimism. Where others might dwell and loathe themselves over mind games, Suppa faces it head on.

I’m impressed by the way that Suppa coasts through her vocals, with such an array of emotional backing sounds. I felt a nocturnal pulse, a nightclub vibe happening in this song. Perhaps in her quest to decipher her love life and life balance, she’s finding more freedom that she reckoned. When I hear the music – without her vocals – it’s a shot of adrenaline, a power rush. Interwoven between the sonic waves, I think, are gifts to explore, energies to push the listener into their own atmospheric imagination. These are my favorite songs – the pop songs that tell two different stories between the lyrics and the music. Suppa gives the listener a long leash to break away and find a state-of-mind within that beat and cooling, refresh zone. Then, before you know, she’s onto the next line. About the song’s midway section, the rhythms percolate and expand. It opens up into a bold and colorful sound.

“Trouble” is rooted in pop and electronica, but I think dance fans should be clued into the special way this one gets your heart racing. She toys with the beats; she creates a sound that is truly radio ready. I’d like to hear more of her vocals in the next tune, but for now I will cherish the sweet harmonies and zesty music. “Trouble” is anything but – Suppa keeps it pretty fun and eclectic in her awesome new hit.

Emily Knudsen

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