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How do you want to make a difference with your music?

E: A great question. Our music is usually conceptual in nature. In order to address various topics, we create “a feel”. This comes about organically. Our goal is to inspire thought through our music. We give the listener not only a great aural experience, but we use our music platform to beg the questioning of societal topics/narratives. We feel that independent voice, and thus open discourse, is crucial to counterpoint today’s herd mentality/cancel/censorship culture.

B: I don’t think in terms of making a difference. I like to think in terms of reaching people who are wanting to hear something different. There are plenty of listeners out there who are craving something new to hear, and our hope is to connect with more of them.

Do you keep someone or something in mind any time you’re writing new material?

E: Again, yes. Obviously, we want to give the listener a wonderful, original piece of music, and listening experience. In our Drowning Pool Music days we tended towards the heavier sounds. Now with KinderCrowdControl there is more of the mindset of “sugar attracts more flies than sh*t”! When I write a riff, I tend to tap into my subconscious. Whatever I feel needs to be addressed seems to come out in what I write. More than imparting our opinions, we strive to provoke thought in our audience. Music is a borderless, and nationality free, forum.

B: We’re music listeners too, and our tastes in music don’t stop at just one genre or style. When we’re creating, there’s always the desire to write something that we believe the listener will enjoy. Quite often, inspiration comes to us randomly from many different sources. Music, Art, TV, Film, Literature, or just walking around can light the spark that eventually blossoms into a song. The answer to the question is that it’s never just someone or something. It’s the overall experience that creates the foundation to our writing. Please note: It helps to have a notepad or audio recorder handy to document those rare inspirational sparks, otherwise like shooting stars, they appear and then they’re gone.

Is there any particular order you go by when you make a song from start to finish?

E: These are amazing questions! To answer, yes and no. Brett and I will write a riff, send it to the other, and see where we are. At this point we will then send the conceptual idea, not the music itself, to our celebrated Croatian artist/wordsmith Sandra Ban and she, in turn, will send us her soundbites. The amazing thing is, even though she never hears the music in advance, her words and cadence always fit the music perfectly. At this point we adjust the composition, and voila, a new KinderCrowdControl piece is born.

B: We tend to follow the sound rather than drag it along behind us. It’s like stepping stones in a creek. You might begin on one side knowing that the journey will eventually lead you across, but you have many stepping stones to choose from and therefore many possibilities. Some lead you in a direction closer to the other side and some lead you upstream or downstream or backwards. Or in some cases can even topple you into the water. But in each case it’s the journey that makes the song.

Do you feel like there should always be a rhyme and reason for everything you do in your music?

E: Again, yes and no. The music grows organically, but we are artists/musicians. Temet Nosce. Knowing this, we tend to create “art” rather than just music as an end in itself. We are unable/unwilling to separate the two. The music is, if you will, a soundtrack to our thoughts and ideas.

B: I would say no. Although rhyme and reason are sensible points to acknowledge, we sometimes flip it to reason and rhyme. Sometimes it’s guitar and bass while other times drums and loops. We never know until we’re there and in the moment. The only constant we have in our music is time and of course the journey across the stream.

Do you consider yourself a perfectionist? 

E: We are aware of the Chinese philosophy of “the last inch”. In this philosophy, the Chinese believe that, just when you think you’re done, there’s that final inch to go. Like framing a work of art, or removing the hair from the matte of a framed artwork. Perfection? I think this is subjective. We do our best to produce our music to its best advantage. We stop when we feel there’s nothing more we can do without spoiling the piece’s emotion or feel.

B: I suppose a philosophy of imperfection would be the implied opposite. Needless to say, Edem and I see ourselves as practicing perfectionists. We constantly strive for that last inch, however, we are also aware that perfection is currently measured by our limited states of mind and the limited amount of time we have. It’s human nature to want to be a perfectionist (kind of like a survival instinct), but Edem and I believe that perfection is elusive, otherwise where would be the fun in the chase? In practice, we strive to produce music that we feel is finished perfection, but we are constantly rewarded with spin offs that further enhance the chase. We find joy in chasing those butterflies!

How much time are you spending right now on new music?

E: Since partnering with BsquaredMGMT, daily! We’re harvesting wheat while the sun shines for sure.

B: A lot. And loving every minute.

Give us all your links/ where to stream!

Thank you for this. Just note to say to please stream and download music you like. Remember, KinderCrowdControl is one word. Every penny goes towards releasing more KinderCrowdControl music.

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