Vineet Singh Hukmani, a.k.a. Vineet Releases “WTF! Where’s the Fun?”

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Vineet Singh Hukmani, a.k.a. Vineet, hasn’t allowed a global pandemic to derail his creativity. He’s released a string of recent singles enjoying global chart success and his latest release “WTF! Where’s the Fun?” will likely experience the same acceptance. The song shares the same lyrical and musical attitude as its predecessors despite differences in presentation, arrangement, and sound. Hukmani is a performer brings a typically buoyant spirit to his work and this new single is new different. He embraces a life-affirming vibe without ever lapsing into saccharine overstatement.


He has an outstanding visual sense as well. Vineet often releases accompanying videos with each new single and “WTF! Where’s the Fun?” is no exception. They are invariably “concept” rather than performance videos and exhibit every ounce of the polish viewers expect from major productions. Vineet structures the video as a compilation of footage from Marvel Comics movie tailored and manipulated to fit his song. It’s a mock dance battle. The irreverent nature of the video may annoy some viewers who prefer storytelling or “high” concepts in their videos but, like the lyrical and musical mood, it is consistent with Vineet’s past work.

Each new Vineet single explores a different musical style. It is easy to expect there may be some eventual misstep with such an approach but, instead, Vineet comes across as an artistic chameleon. “WTF! Where’s the Fun?” is a successful foray into funk music that never sounds anything less than convincing. It has a rambunctious sound from the outset and rides a bright exuberant bounce through the track’s conclusion. Much of the instrumentation is, naturally, driven by pre-programmed instruments, but it nonetheless possesses appealing warmth and the needed oomph.

His vocal attacks the song with equal zeal. There’s no clear influence stamped on his style above all others but there’s no question Vineet is exploring familiar territory. He throws the full weight of his lungs behind conveying the song’s energy yet never tumbles overboard into histrionics. Allowing the music opportunity to breathe and never attempting to dominate the recording are among the key reasons “WTF! Where’s the Fun?” is so successful.

The production underlines its emphatic tone with an effort prioritizing classic values. There’s clear separation between the instruments, a well-framed vocal, and physical sound that captures listeners’ attention. It never overextends itself, as well, The length of “WTF! Where’s the Fun?” is ideal as well. Several ingredients determine a song’s commercial appeal and, in a style like this, duration is important. Vocals, arrangement, and sound are parts of any song with obvious importance, but we seldom consider how running time shapes our judgment until we hear something too long.

Vineet shows no signs of slowing down. This is the sort of songwriter and performer never lacking for inspiration because they are attuned to the world around them. “WTF! Where’s the Fun?” is a thoroughly contemporary funk song capable of sinking its hook into casual and hardcore music fans alike with an entertaining video in tow. It is, likewise, arguably Vineet’s finest recording yet and should spread his name further than ever before.

Emily Knudsen

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